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Top No Wipe Gold

Top No Wipe Gold

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Top No Wipe Gold

Top without dispersion layer containing particles of cut transfer foil, thanks to which it will give each styling a unique look.

  • Properties : Top without dispersion layer,
  • Consistency: medium thick / self-leveling,
  • How to use: Apply the medium layer with gentle movements, cure for at least 60 seconds in a led / dualled lamp , do not touch immediately after taking it out of the lamp, wait 15-20 seconds until it cools down, we do not recommend applying the olive to the freshly hardened top,
  • Capacity: 8ml,
  • Marking: TNW (Silver, Gold ).

LED lamp min. 48W - 1min. 36W UV lamp - 2min.

  • MAKEAR ™ is a brand that constantly surprises its customers, making it a leader in innovation.
  • MAKEAR ™ hybrid nail polishes are made of the highest quality components to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
  • Deep color saturation, wide and varied colors and durability made Makear a leader among existing brands.
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