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Rubber Base Clear-8ml

Rubber Base Clear-8ml

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Rubber Base Clear

Flexible base, thick consistency and perfect adhesion to the nail plate. It is a base for hybrid varnishes, which is characterized by flexibility - the base works together with the nail plate, thus absorbing impacts, preventing cracks and chipping. The dense consistency allows for calm and thorough work, and the thicker base layer evens out the unevenness and depressions of the nail plate. Every woman knows the feeling when, during a stronger impact or pinching of the nail, the hybrid manicure splashes or breaks. How to avoid this problem? Rubber Base Clear is the solution.

  • Properties: perfect for working with a soft and thin nail plate, it has maximally increased adhesion with the nail plate,
  • Color: colorless, transparent,
  • Denser than Fiber Base, which allows for smooth work and smoothing out the unevenness of the nail plate.
  • A perfectly contoured brush ensures easy application of the product even in problematic places such as the area around the nail shaft,
  • After hardening in the lamp, no filing required.,
  • Consistency: Thick,
  • How to use: paint a thin layer under the hybrid, rub into the plate with a brush under the gel mass and cure for 60 seconds in a led / dualled lamp,
  • More flexible than Fiber Base, thanks to which it works better with a soft and thin nail plate,
  • Does not require washing before applying another product,
  • Capacity: 8ml,
  • Labeling: Rubber Base.

LED lamp min. 48W - 1min. 36W UV lamp - 2min.

  • MAKEAR ™ is a brand that constantly surprises its customers, making it a leader in innovation.
  • MAKEAR ™ hybrid nail polishes are made of the highest quality components to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
  • Deep color saturation, wide and varied colors and durability made Makear a leader among existing brands.
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