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KERA BASE – keratin strengthening base

KERA BASE – keratin strengthening base

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KERA BASE – keratin strengthening base

MAKEAR Kera Base is a keratin base which is meant to be used when you have delicate and brittle nails. MAKEAR Kera Base consists of keratins, which create a protective layer. This layer takes care of the good condition of your manicure and your nails.

Kera Base strengthens the natural plate due to its hardness. It also prevents your nails from mechanical damages.

It will be ideal to use with gel, gel polish or acrylgel as it will improve adhesiveness of these products.

Due to medium thick consistency and self-leveling feature, it is easy to apply Kerabase. Kera Base will also be a great solution to pedicure.

  • Colour: colourless
  • Consistency: medium thick
  • Perfectly shaped brush makes application of product easy and comfortable – even in very difficult places to reach, e.g. near the nail fold.
  • After cuing in the lamp, it does not need to be filed.
  • Volume: 8ml
  • Docketing: Kera base

LED lamp min. 48 – 60sec ; UV lamp 36W – 120sec

MAKEAR™ is the brand which constantly surprises its clients and consequently, it has become the leader of innovation.
MAKEAR™ Gel Polishes are made from the best ingredients in order to meet our customers’ expectations, even those who are really demanding.
Deep colour saturation, wide range of colours and durability have made MAKEAR™ the leader in the nail industry.

Kerabase is for professional use only


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