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Deep-C Straight Dual Nail Forms 120 pcs

Deep-C Straight Dual Nail Forms 120 pcs

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Reusable  Dual Forms Deep -C Straight  (120pcs)

Unlike plastic nail tips dual nail forms are reusable.
They are filled with hard gels or acrygel/polygel, and then applied to the nails.
No tips, no glue and no paper forms needed.

Available in 12 different sizes, each size of false nails is suitable for most fingers, and each nail is engraved with a number 0-11, so choose the right nail easy and convenient to meet your broader nail needs.

The dual nail system forms are made of high-quality materials, and their thickness and firmness can be maintained for a long time. 

Just apply the dual form to the nail (with gel or acrygel/polygel) and get a beautiful arch that we always try to achieve without any hassle.

How to use
1. Choose the right size of your Dual form
2. Apply any Hard gel or Acrygel/Polygel to the reusable dual nail form, attach it to the nail and cure the nail with the form in the lamp
.3. Use the fingers on the sides of you dual form and the form will pop off.
4. Shape and finish your nails as usually.Deep -
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