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AG01 Acrylogel Milky white Gelacryl - 30g

AG01 Acrylogel Milky white Gelacryl - 30g

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Acrylo-gel combines the best features of both acrylic and gel in one product, achieving the durability and reliability of acrylic along with the flexibility of gel. Gelacryl has been developed to be compatible with traditional nail extension forms as well as dual forms.


It works exceptionally well for:

  • Overbuilding
  • Hardening natural nail plates
  • Extensions
  • Reconstruction
  • Correcting nails that are growing downwards


  • Thick consistency that prevents running onto cuticles, offering complete control of the product.
  • Odourless
  • Allows for up to 5 nail extensions to be made simultaneously
  • Provides long-lasting styling; nails become highly resistant to damage.

How do I use nail extension forms and gelacrylic?

1. Properly prepare the natural nail plate by matting, cleaning, and degreasing.
2. Apply the base coat and cure under an LED/UV lamp.
3. Cut and adjust the form in order to fit it to nail edge. Use a brush dipped in cleaner to spread the product to the sides.
4. Once you're satisfied with the result, cure for 60 seconds in the lamp.
5. Cleanse with a cleaner and file to achieve the desired shape.


The product is compatible with all manicure products.

LED lamps min. 48W - 1min. 36W UV lamp - 2min.

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