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What is the Polygel?

Have you ever wondered how some women have long nails that aren’t naturally grown? The nails are most likely performed with acrylic-gel nail enhancement products or fake nails. This innovation is the best replacement for acrylic systems used to build and bring volume and shape to the nails.
Think of it as an excellent base for your gel manicure.

What is Polygel?

It is a nail enhancement that is a hybrid composition that combines the suppleness of gel nails with the durability of acrylic nails, which is perfect for lengthening natural nails. Still, the steps and the materials used in the application are entirely different and absolutely meant for nail salons and
applied by professionals.

The polygel comes in the form of a malleable paste, ready for use. It contains gel that hardens with a UV lamp under catalyst, and an acrylic resin. This one is made of polymer that hardens in theopen air. Its texture allows it not to flow like acrylic liquid. In addition, polygel can exist in different colors and sizes. It can be used by both a professional and amateurs. It is available in a polygel kit for home use.

Polygel is lighter than acrylic nail systems. This doesn’t mean it’s not strong; it’s more potent than hard gels and more flexible than acrylic. It’s also an excellent alternative to acrylic nails, especially for those sensitive to odors and chemicals. Also, it’s more durable and flexible than any other nail polish and keeps the nails healthy. The base combines the best features of liquid, acrylic powder,
and LED hard gel in a patented formula that is easy to use.
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