Thixotropic gel

Thixotropic gel,what is it?

It's a hard gel with a very nice property :)

Well, seriously, the isotropic gel will become less and less viscous as we work with it, for example mixing, modeling, applying. As soon as you stop working, the gel will regain its viscosity and slowly become semi-solid again. This is in contrast to the rheopectic property, in which the viscosity increases with mixing, working with the gel (ie classic self-leveling gels).

What does this mean and why is it good?

This gel is often liked by beginners because it almost never runs on the skin. Also, with such a gel, it is very convenient to make quick corrections even for medium-length or longer nails, because it will be extremely easy to manage, and there will be no need to file, because we will do the centering. 

When can we use thixotropic gels?

Whenever you use a classic self-leveling or "standing" gel :)
It is in no way inferior to other types of gels in its holding properties.
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